WARNING: The link between some food containers and childhood obesity

There are now numerous studies linking plastic food containers to obesity.

An article published by the University of Melbourne in July 2016 discussed scientific studies that link chemicals found in single-use plastic food containers and doggy bags with obesity in embryos (unborn babies). Read it for yourself here:

Did you know that even cardboard take-away food containers and doggy bags are often lined with plastic to prevent the container from leaking? So how do we avoid these nasty chemicals? Is the answer to just not get take-away food, ever? No.

Convenience is here to stay. Our lives are just so busy now - who has the time to always be prepared with your own home-brought lunches? We pretty much all need to grab some food on the go at some stage. But none of us wants to ingest nasty plastic-chemicals that could expose our bodies and that of our unborn children to obesity-causing chemicals!

We at retub were driven to create a product we wanted to have. It became clear to us that we were not the only ones that wanted this product. With retub tubs, we wanted to ensure that food had minimal contact with plastic.

retub tubs aren't just better for your health though - they are better for the environment.

On every level, they are not just an alternative to plastic take-away containers, they are a superior alternative. 

So buy one today! 

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