Are single-use plastic bans putting undue stress on businesses?

With a number of local, State and Federal governments looking to ban single-use plastics, some are asking if industry is going to bear unacceptable compliance costs. The answer, in our strong opinion, is simply NO.

Like all added expenses, the cost of sustainable options will be built-in to the sale price of the food being sold. This is business 101. 

Better yet, with the sustainability movement well and truly up and running, consumers are increasingly happy to put their money where their mouths are and buy and bring their reusable alternatives. This is becoming the norm and so it should be. Convenience that harms our planet, the only home we know, is not all that convenient if you think about it. 

We offer retubs for wholesale which enables food-vendors to sell them to the customers, which creates an environment where an exchange of money and information (i.e. education!) can occur. Not only does this mean that the less sustainably-conscious consumers can receive some vital information about the need to reduce waste, but businesses can actually increase their bottom line while building strong customer relationship

From our perspective, single-use anything creates wasted energy, water and/or contributes to green-house gasses. It is imperative that we rethink how we value materials and what truly is an eco-friendly alternative to single-use. 

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