The laws say this about take-away food containers

retub tubs are take-away food containers or doggy bags that are revolutionising the take-away food industry, one container at a time!

Have you ever noticed how often you throw away food containers that had a lifespan of under 20 minutes? 

Have you noticed how it is usually pretty unpleasant to eat straight out of those angular plastic containers usually given away at take-away cafes?

Well no more!

retub tubs are reusable so you produce less food-packaging waste. They are also designed to give you a pleasant eating experience.

But are they legal? 

For all too long, Australian consumers (and even some cafes) have been under the misconception that consumers are unable to bring in their own food container when buying food from a vendor. Not true. In fact, the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code does not have legislative requirements that would prevent a business from using a container provided by a customer to store or package food purchased. Certainly within Victoria, there is no legislation preventing such use either.

Also, there is nothing legal stopping businesses from allowing a customer to take leftovers from a restaurant in their own clean food containers. 

This position is not the case in all other countries though. In the USA for example, food vendors cannot accept a consumer's own container. In some other jurisdictions the law is not so clear.

What is becoming clear however is that many countries or at least councils within their countries are starting to ban single-use plastic food containers (go France!). It is implicit that customer-brought food containers will be accepted in future by such countries / councils out of a necessity for society to cut back on food packaging waste. 

retub tubs are made so you don't need to compromise on convenience. They are also designed with cafes in mind, so everyone is happy to be eco-friendly when using retub food containers / doggy bags!

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