Art inspiring climate action

If you follow our social media, it won't come as a surprise that Retub is inspired by art and nature. So, when we learned that Hugh Crosthwaite had been awarded a grant to produce climate-change inspired music, we had to find out more!

The grant came as a match-funding type grant from Creative Partnerships Australia. Hugh, who was shortlisted, and, after explaining his vision, received one of the limited grants told us “I want to use my music to promote matters of social importance.”

Whilst not yet written, Hugh says his piece “will be a narrative, telling the ancient Greek story of Cassandra, a woman who possessed the ability to see the future but who was cursed to never be believed. I will be drawing an analogy between Cassandra and the scientists of our time who have been warning us about the risks of climate change but whose warnings have largely been ignored”.

Through his music, Hugh hopes to influence discussion about climate change. The attendees of the recital will receive a carefully selected poem to accompany the music. “My hope is that through my music and the accompanying poetry, the attendees will be compelled to start thinking about and discussing climate change. My music won’t provide a direct solution to the problem but it will contribute to the persuasive collective discussion about it”. It is through those dialogues that his music has the power to elicit real change. That's the power of art. 

Hugh’s work, Cassandra, will be premiered at the Melbourne Recital Centre on 3 February 2019 with new works for Boise created in collaboration with poet Bella Li. Stay tuned on his website for concert details and tickets –

Check out his tunes at:

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