Australia's recycling crisis just worsened: why reuse is the future

retub premium reusable takeaway food containers focus on making reuse easy because we strongly believe reuse is the future.

If you have been asleep for the past year, you may have missed that China stopped accepting the world’s trash in 2018. What you might have missed recently is that Indonesia and India are pulling in the reigns now too.

According to The NewDaily, Indonesia took 19% of Australia’s waste exports and India 13% in December. As India’s facilities have reached capacity and Indonesia is now cracking down on the quality of the materials they accept, Australia is going to struggle to appropriately deal with recycling.  We are already seeing many local government councils dump recycling materials into general waste facilities.

Australia simply does not have the infrastructure in place nor do everyday Australians have the education to understand what materials are recyclable (and in what condition) to adequately deal with our own recycling materials.  

Even without this crisis though, recycling is often water and energy intensive to achieve. When the world’s focus is on sustainability, we must question why recycling has been treated as if it is the best solution.


Reuse is the only practical solution.


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