Eco-friendly packaging: an oxymoron? Our personal case study on how luxury can meet sustainability.

As a good friend once said to me, “You take the first bite of food with your eyes”. While he may have been talking about his dinner, the statement is true for many things, including product packaging. Put simply, presentation is everything.


Well, not everything, but.. you know, it’s important.


Many of us know what it is like to purchase something luxurious – the packaging is always beautiful and as you remove each layer, it builds excitement to get to the prize: your purchase. That process inherently helps us to appreciate the quality of the product inside.


Here’s the thing: when that prize is an eco-friendly product designed specifically to reduce waste, the wrapping of said product flies in the face of what the product (and its purchaser) is setting out to do – i.e. reduce waste. 


Or does it?


We at retub have been battling with this conundrum ourselves. Let me just say, it is not easy to do justice to the quality of the product while also minimising waste. But we may have just found a way.


By listening to our own ethos, we are navigating our way through beautiful packaging options that are reusable. From reusable paper ‘bubble’ wrap to wrapping in cotton bags that can be repurposed as product bags, we are experimenting with our options so our customers experience the luxury of beautiful packaging without the waste.


The future will necessitate that packaging, as well as the goods the packaging is housing, be capable of being reused. We hope we can start setting the tone here at retub first.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on this and, if you have any killer examples of reusable packaging, please share!



retub xo


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