Food Waste: Feed the world and your pockets by bringing a retub 'doggy-bag'

With the growing number of reports of retub-users using their retubs as doggy-bags in addition to reusable takeaway food containers, we felt it a great opportunity to explain why reducing food waste just makes sense. 

Many don't realise but there is actually enough food produced in the world to feed everyone. That's right: the statistics that show that 1 in 9 people do not have enough food to eat need not exist, however, sadly the reality is that around one third of all food that is produced is lost or wasted. 

Not only is food waste a wasted opportunity to feed everyone, it is also a huge contributor to greenhouse gasses. As with all organic material, as food breaks down it emits carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses. If we were to eliminate food waste, it would be the equivalent of removing a quarter of the cars off the road. 

Aside from the ethical and environmental issues, food waste also creates financial and economic issues. The Australian Government estimates that food waste costs our economy $20 billion each year. 

Food waste is not always easy to address. But here are some simple things you can introduce into your everyday life that can truly make difference:

1. Buy weird-looking food: What do a super-long banana or a twisted zucchini have in common? They can reduce food waste! Many supermarkets have strict size, shape and weight requirements when it comes to their fruit and veg.  This results in the weirder looking product going to waste. So buy ugly. Shop at local markets. Grow your own weird and wonderful looking fruit and veg. Seek out the odd!

2. Plan your meals: One in 5 shopping bags ends up in the rubbish bin in Australia. Many people report poor meal-planning as a culprit. There are some great meal-planning apps that can help you work out a variety of meals for the week where you can use left over bits and pieces for the next dish, helping you to reduce waste and keep the family well fed and happy. 

3. Watch what you order when you are at a restaurant: We often get excited at a restaurant and want to try everything - and then we realise our eyes were bigger than our stomachs! One easy way to address this is to take left over food home with you in a doggy bag. Some restaurants will not dish up your left overs for you due to health and safety concerns. However, many will let you take food home yourself in a takeaway container. So come prepared.

4. Support others on their journey: We are in this together. Every effort to live more sustainably, even if small and imperfect is a change in the right direction.  The more we support each other to keep trying the more likely we are to be successful. Together, we can and will reduce our impact on this incredible planet of ours. 

One honest hurdle to reducing waste is that we can be concerned about how we are perceived by others - so we cannot underestimate how important it is to have something stylish like a retub as a doggy-bag to make the process easy, by enabling you to feel proud to be seen to be doing the right thing. 

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