How to save around 6 kg of rubbish from going to landfill a year

Thinking about whether you can justify buying a retub tub? Sure, they're gorgeous but can you justify the price of this premium product? The real question is whether you can justify not buying a retub. 

If you buy your lunch every work-day, we at retub estimate you'd throw away around 125g of single-use food packaging waste by the end of the week. By the end of a 48-week work year, that's a whopping 6 kg of waste per person. And that's just lunch time! 

Did you know that using traditional throw-away food and drink containers containing BPA has been linked to childhood obesity? Now that's not so tasty! 

Even though the medium retub fits super easily into a standard handbag or backpack, you don't need to carry your retub to work everyday. After eating, pop the inner container in the dishwasher and pop it back in its plastic surround when you need to use it.  Easy!

Whether you're investing in your health or the health of Mother Nature, you really need to think about getting a retub! Buy one now!

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