Making Change Together - with 1 Million Women

Our founder, Veronica Shannon, has been on a mission to reduce the amount of waste created when living a normal, busy life - and our business-crush, 1 Million Women, has recognised her and her efforts.

"Convenience is everything. If people forget to use a product or if it is not easy to use the product, they won't. It's that simple" Veronica says. 

"Because of the nature of a take-away container, it is one of the easiest sustainable products you can integrate into your current, busy lifestyle without much thought or effort."

"People either can't or don't want to walk around with a kitchen drawer full of products in their bags everyday. Retubs generally stay on your desk at work until you're ready to use them again so they don't have to be in your bag at all times - because they look great, you see them and remember to take them with you and because they have been designed to be cleaned or reswapped so easily you actually want to use them."

We at retub truly believe that, together, we can fix a lot of environmental damage by adopting sustainable lifestyles - and our aim is to make that a bit easier for everyone to achieve.

We are so excited that you are on this amazing journey with us! 

If you want to #bethesolution, buy your retub today - be part of the retubolution!


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