The top 3 daily steps you can take to truly make a difference

Being better than what is currently available is the only way that sustainable products will be accepted by the majority of people and this is our ethos at retub - we want people to enjoy take-away food in a sustainable way without compromising on convenience. 

At retub, we know that most people want to make a difference but it can feel like, as individuals, we are just too small and climate change is a problem too big - and that nothing we do can really help. 

That's simply not true. 

Change is inevitable and there are better ways of doing what we have been doing in the past. 

If each of us uses better alternatives to what's on offer now, we can make a huge difference and we can influence others around us to adopt the same better alternatives. 

So, what are the 3 top daily steps we can take to truly make a difference? 

1. Reuse

We have 3 main options after we use objects: we can throw them in the bin, we can recycle them or we can reuse them.

Obviously, it is far better to throw used items in the bin rather than to litter. Litter will often end up in water ways where it can cause huge problems for marine life. But, did you know that the rubbish we send to landfill creates a whole lot of methane that is instrumental in climate change?  The next best thing to do is to recycle where possible but even recycling is an energy-intensive and relatively expensive process. The best thing to do is to buy quality and to reuse items - this includes re-purposing items. This is why we believe it is so important to #byotub.

2. Switch off lights and unused power switches

In Australian States such as Victoria, electricity generally comes from burning coal. Even so-called 'clean coal' is bad for the environment. But we are not suggesting you don't use electricity! You can save electricity (and some $$) by switching off lights in rooms you're not using and flicking the switch to 'off' when you don't have appliances plugged in. Easy!

3. Reduce your consumption of meat

Most of us have grown up on a diet heavy with meat. It is a huge ask to get people to become vegetarian for environmental reasons, plus, let's face it, many of us enjoy eating meat. You can make a difference by reducing your meat intake though. If you normally eat meat 3 times a day, try eating once a day and if you eat meat 3 times a week, try reducing it to once a week etc etc.  The more you do it, the more you learn great meat-free recipes and alternative ways to eat delicious meals, so it just gets easier and easier. 

Finally, let people know

So many people want to make a difference but don't know how. The best way you can make a difference is to share what you have read and know about. Get people talking about the problems but more importantly, get people talking about the solutions!

We are part of the sustainability movement - this is so encouraging because together, we can make a huge positive impact. Together, we can #bethesolution. Bring your own tub and drastically reduce waste production. Buy a retub now!

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