WARNING: infertility linked to some plastic food containers.

retub reusable food containers boast a range of features but one of its proudest is that food is not held in plastic.

Why is that important?

Plastic often has chemicals in it that make it, well, plasticy! BPA is one such chemical that is often found in plastic food containers - even expensive reusable ones. BPA has been linked to obesity and recent research is also linking it to fertility issues in humans - see this article.  Even plastics that are BPA-free need to contain BPA replacement chemicals and many of those are untested. 

Dr Green from Melbourne University is quoted in this article as saying relation to the use of plastic food containers and other products that are linked to fertility issues in men and women that "it's really just about education... don't heat your food in those takeaway containers." Using a glass container to eat food from and to reheat take-away food, such as that used in a retub tub will reduce exposure to plastic-chemicals that are now known to reduce fertility. 

That's why retub is a premium product. Your food is not held in plastic. We could have gone with a cheaper, plastic alternative but we strongly believe society needs to move on from its love affair with single-use plastic. Our bodies and our environment deserve more. So love your body, love the environment, love retub - Buy one for you and your loved ones today!   

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