WARNING: some plastic food containers linked to obesity

retub food tubs are designed so your food is not held in plastic. Why have we reduced food-plastic contact, you may ask? Great question!

Plastic food containers have for some time now been linked to BPA exposure, which itself is linked to a host of health issues, including obesity. It is wonderful that some companies have already taken steps to replace BPA in their plastic food containers with other chemicals but is this fixing the problem or just creating another (unknown) one? 

A recent article in New Scientist explains that "most of our exposure [to BPA] comes from canned food and plastic food and drink containers". Read more here and read more on the issue here.  While the Australian government's current stance on the issue is that we do not get sufficient exposure to BPA for it to be of concern, we at retub think it's safer to reduce plastic contact with food anyway. That's why retubs are designed to not hold food in plastic.  

Plastic food containers aren't just bad for health - they are an environmental nightmare also. 

So what can you do to better protect the health of your family without giving up on the convenience of a take-away food container? Well you can #byotub of course! retub tubs are designed so your food is not held in plastic and better yet, you can #reuse your retub with ease and without compromising on convenience. 

So help spread the word that there's a better alternative to single-use food containers in town - #retub. Buy yours now!

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