What your choice of colour says about you

You're probably already aware that the retub 'For the Love of Earth' reusable food container range comprises 4 different colour combinations but are you aware that each colour combo says something about you?

Grey - Corporate Hippie

Grey is for corporate, green-blue is for hippie. If this colour combo draws you in the most, you're probably... you guessed it... a Corporate Hippie! Corporate hippies are mainstream eco-warriors. The kinds of people that spend their days in a suit and their spare time defending Mother Nature. We love you guys!

Corporate Hippie: Others may not know this but you hug trees… whilst wearing a suit


Yellow - Bees Knees

If saving the bees is what drives you, you're probably drawn to Bees Knees. The symbolic grey vent also indicates you are a bit corporate but overwhelmingly, yellow indicates you attract happiness (and bees?) into your life.  Buy one of these bad boys and you will be buzzing!

Bees Knees: You are going to save the bees and look stylish while doing it


Green - Green Thumb

Consider yourself a bit of a Green Thumb? We don't either, but we love the green and pink combo! Pink is the universal colour of love and paired with green, which symbolises nature, this combo sweetly and clearly states that you love nature. Guess what? By using a retub and reducing waste, Nature is going to love you right back!

Green Thumb: Like petting a cat, nature purrs when you show it some love


Blue - Clean Seas

Who doesn't love looking out onto Clean Seas? Blue water with accents of aqua / green take me to my happy place, when I used to live under the sea and go by the name Ariel... oh hang on.. I think that was a movie? Anyway, we all love oceans and let's face it clean ones are the best. 

Clean Seas: It’s possible you were a mermaid or a merman in a previous life


If you're buying a retub, it's because you get take-away food and have probably identified that you're throwing away a whole heap of food packaging whenever you do. Never fear, retub is here and in a colour combo that you will love. But don't just have fun with your colour combo - feel proud of yourself - you really are making a difference by using a retub food container rather than single-use take-away tubs! Buy your favourite one today! Go you! 




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