WIN: Single-use plastic is on the way out in Hobart

This is a big shout out to Hobart City Council - you rock!

Earlier this year, Hobart City Council voted 10-1 to amend draft environmental health bylaws, banning single use, petroleum-based plastic food containers and utensils by 2020 ( This is great news for the environment - go Hobart! 

But how will the ban affect cafes and food vendors that seek to support it? 

Some cafes are concerned about the cost of compliance falling squarely on their shoulders. We agree that it's not just the responsibility of cafes to bear the costs of compliance - after all, we are all in this together. 

Luckily, retub tubs can be purchased directly by consumers, which ensures that cafes have nothing holding them back from supporting a more sustainable and healthy future for take-away food. 

In fact, Hobart City Council has been one of the first purchasers of retub tubs! Thank you Hobart City Council for being serious about sustainability and for supporting us.

Which retub are you? See our For The Love of Earth range and choose the retub colour that best describes you.  

Buy your retub today and show your support for a better way of living!


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