You don't want to use an old plastic container

By now, you probably know all about retub, the reusable food container designed to replace single-use take-away food containers. But did you know why they are so much better than other alternatives? 

Single-use plastic or paper alternatives with plastic lining generally go straight to landfill after only minutes' worth of 'life'. At worst (and all too often) they end up not being recycled (some can't be recycled) and they find their way into water ways, harming marine and bird life. 

Multi-use plastics on the other hand are much better from a waste-management perspective.  However, some will contain nasty plastic chemicals such as BPA, which mimics oestrogen in the body and has been linked to a host of health issues, including obesity. Some plastics are not made from fossil fuels, which is great but even with those types of plastics, there are multiple studies dating back to the 1990s that show conclusively that bacteria like salmonella cannot be sufficiently cleaned after use on plastics and therefore are a hazard to human health! In fact, some bacteria can NEVER be eliminated from plastic surfaces. Now that is not so tasty!

That's why retub tubs have been designed so food is held in the glass inner container, not a plastic one. The plastic components of the retub are BPA-free and are intended to be reused again and again. 

So do yourself a favour. Love your body, love the environment, love retub. 


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