You will be shocked when you realise what's going into your 'healthy' take-away meals

"Would you like some croutons in your salad? No? How about a bit of endocrine-disruptive chemicals instead? No? Well, we're throw that in for free whether you want it or not". 

Your healthy salad doesn't sound quite so tasty now does it?!

BPA, or bisphenol A, is a chemical used in the lining of some food and beverage packaging to protect food from contamination and extend shelf life - and it can leech into your food and drinks. When ingested BPA, which is structurally similar to the human sex hormone oestrogen, can play havoc with the hormonal system (endocrine system) and has been linked to many health issues including obesity, behavioural problems, asthma and even cancer (see a Pursuit article from the University of Melbourne on this issue).  Yet, Food Standards Australia and New Zealand consider it a safe chemical when ingested at normal levels (read more here). It has been banned by other countries but Australia and New Zealand continue to allow BPA-lined food and drink packaging to be used. 

Even if you ignore the major potential health issues with BPA, the experience of eating or drinking out of plastic-lined containers is just generally unpleasant. And don't get us started on the environmental issues around creating plastics from fossil fuels or paper packaging from forests!

We at retub know there is a better way - a simple way to enjoy take-away food without it being held in plastic and without you giving up on convenience. That's why we created the retub tub - food is held in glass and the bonus is that you enjoy the eating experience so much more! You can feel proud too knowing that your choice to reuse your retub is making a real difference. 

So don't delay - buy a retub reusable food container today and do yourself - and the environment - a favour! 


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