Premium glass tubs with silicone - not plastic - lids are a better way to store food. Removable vents release steam and thermo-protective bases protect fingers from hot contents, even when removing from the microwave.

Hygienic. Practical. Better.

5 star reviews: "Great seal" "Love that they can go in the freezer and microwave!"

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Award Winning Design

Award Winning Australian Style and Sustainability.

An Investment Piece

Invest in you and the planet.

Reswap with cafe partners

Use. Reswap. Reuse. Repeat.

A Sustainable Gift

Father Economy wants us to spend money but Mother Nature is groaning under the load. Gift well. Gift retub.

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Awards & Accolades

Finalist : Premier's Sustainability Award 2019

Finalist : Premier's Sustainability Award 2019

It is an incredible privilege to have been announced today, 9 September 2019, as one of the 33 finalists across 11 categories in the 2019 Premier's...
Bendigo: Seizing a Sustainable Future

Bendigo: Seizing a Sustainable Future

Recently, we worked with the City of Greater Bendigo to roll out a part-educational and part-product based project. The project enabled us to creat...
Australia's Good Design Winner Award

Australia's Good Design Winner Award

retub has taken home a tick of approval winning the Good Design Award for Design Excellence

The New Luxe is Sustainable.


Anytime I take my retub to get food, people are going crazy for it. This was a great birthday gift.

Holly, stylist, Melbourne

A super stylish aesthetic that is functional and attractive. Well done. 

Good Design Awards Jury, Sydney

Hands down the easiest change I have made to drastically reduce waste. 

Jeff, Waste Management, Hobart

We have had every one of the retubs we have sold go out and come back.

Adam and Eve Cafe, Bendigo

Takeaway food tastes so much better when eating from glass and silicone.

Annaliese, Mother and Business Owner

Even if you care more about style than sustainability, the result is the same; you use it. And the best reusable item is the one that actually gets used.

Mara, Graphic Designer, Melbourne

I want them all! Love the colours.

Mel, Marketing Manager, Brisbane