'reswap' container exchange

- cafe and restaurant Partners

Participating cafe and restaurant Partners will swap (a.k.a "Reswap") your retub  for one of the clean ones they have on hand. 

This makes picking up your takeaway so fast! Just give them your retub and take theirs. 

Love your colour combo and don't want to swap for a different look? No problem - just swap the part that holds the food, keep the rest!   

On our last survey, almost 9 out of 10 cafes and restaurants said they'd support BYOTUB - so even if they're not a Reswap Partner, just ask them to use your retub to put their food in. 

Want to become a cafe/restaurant Partner? We create the lowest barrier to entry by requiring Partners to purchase a small minimum of retubs to have on hand in a clean state. You then need to email us at telling us your cafe/restaurant name, ABN, location, contact details and opening hours and we will load you to the map so our customers know how to find you. It's that easy. 

Once you become a Partner, you can access discounts.

NOTE: During COVID, some in our Partner network closed and some changed management etc. We recommend calling the cafe/restaurant ahead of your arrival to make sure they still offer this service.