Bendigo Trial: Results are In!

Bendigo Trial: Results are In!

Retub the reusable takeaway container.

 Our final assessment has been completed and it’s official: retubs have not just reduced waste but have provided unexpected benefits to the community in Bendigo.

Our final assessment was based on a random sample of approximately 20% of the 45 participating cafes (“Cafes”).

The results from our Final Assessment confirm that the retub | Reswap program has resulted in immediate waste reduction across 100% of those Cafes.  In addition, the program has also resulted in somewhat unexpected economic and social benefits being realised, whether by improving the quality of regular customers (i.e. spending more / purchasing more often) or creating new customers or creating a sense of community by having an extensive Reswap network.


  • Rate of return
    • 100% of Cafes reported that retubs were being returned by their customers
  • Reduction in single-use (“SU”) containers
    • 100% of Cafes reported that the retub program had reduced SU containers
  • Would having more retubs or Reswaps have made a bigger impact
    • 62% said that they had the right number of allocations (note that approximately 45 Cafes shared an allocation of 800 medium retubs and 200 large ones)
    • 38% said that having more of the large retubs would have made an even bigger impact on waste reduction
  • Did the program help Cafes have conversations about sustainability with customers?
    • This was a resounding yes!  The Cafes have since experienced a huge shift in customer behaviour where they are seeking out sustainable options, not just with containers but more broadly also.
  • Did the program help strengthen customer relationships?
    • This was a resounding yes! Cafes reported that the program gave them a reason to have conversations with customers – and the program also helped create customer loyalty and for some Cafes, cost savings for their business.



We are still collating the wonderful feedback we have received and by updating this blog regularly with more information.


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