Bendigo: Seizing a Sustainable Future

Bendigo: Seizing a Sustainable Future

Recently, we worked with the City of Greater Bendigo to roll out a part-educational and part-product based project.

The project enabled us to create a network of around 45 cafes in their stunning city who offer Reswap to residents who own a retub.  And there's over 1000 of them!


We received incredible insight to the challenges cafes face in their attempts to be more sustainable - from customers who refuse to eat from anything other than single-use containers through to navigating the endless list of so-called 'eco-friendly' products in the market.

We workshopped ways to subtly but powerfully shift the wasteful mindsets of some consumers and how to do so while building a strong relationship rather than straining it. 

Within just days, cafes started seeing huge reductions in waste but that was just the start. By gifting retubs to their customers, cafes have also been able to forge positive relationships with their otherwise most challenging customers.

Mr Jeffery from Oishii on Wheels was quoted in this Bendigo Advertiser article as saying "People have been really appreciative once we explained the program. They bring back their Retub and if it's not clean, then we give them a fresh one. That cycle goes on and on."

Best of all, this positive change in behaviour has happened extremely quickly. 

Within the first few days of the project roll-out, cafes like Adam & Eve Bendigo reported "we have had every single one of the retubs go out and come back so far, so it's a hugely successful start!!".   

We are proud to be creating positive change while providing a basis in which cafes can create customer loyalty with the same customers who had been their biggest challenges to sustainability just days' prior. Contact us at to find out more about this project and how we can implement a similar trial in your council, business or shopping centre. 





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