1. PlWhat is a retub?

retub is the premium reusable takeaway food container that has a built-in container exchange program called Reswap. 

retubs are packed with features including a vent that detaches and doubles as a food-scoop and a protective base that provides some thermal protection for fingers when contents are hot. These features mean that retubs can reduce waste caused by single-use containers, cutlery and bags.

Other features include internal measurement linesso so both food-vendor and customer know how much food they’re paying for, a protective base that provides some thermal retention and protects the luxurious glass inner container from bumps and knocks – and so much more!


  1. How does Reswap work? 

Reswap is essentially a simple container exchange program (think 'Swap and Go') where a customer can bring in their retub to a participating food-vendor and simply swap their used inner container for a clean one to ensure they are eating from a clean vessel.

Some participating food vendors will also let you simply borrow a clean inner retub container (even if you do not bring in a full retub) for a deposit. 


Food vendors: It’s currently FREE to get set up as a participating food vendor.


  1. What is in it for food businesses?
  • Free basic set up
  • Free listing on our website and social media presence
  • Increase the food-vendor’s bottom line when retailing retubs
  • Control over hygiene
  • Offer a sustainable solution
  • No waste of time
  • Offer a premium experience to enjoy your food in

Under the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards, food vendors must ensure that the vessels they use for takeaway food are clean.

We strongly encourage our customers to bring their retub in clean but in the event that they haven’t had a chance to wash between uses, Reswap ensures the vessel holding the food is clean to the food-vendor’s satisfaction.

Find out more by contacting us at info@retub.com.au

*Basic set up includes amedium/large inner container, sticker, How-To-Guide for staff and listing on our website to draw customers to you. Australian and NZ based food-vendors only currently. Delivery charges may apply.


  1. How much does it cost food-vendors to get set up for Reswap?

Currently, we are offering a FREE basic set up for food-vendors in Australia. 

Contact us for more information at info@retub.com.au

Basic set up includes a medium inner container, sticker, How-To-Guide for staff and listing on our website to draw customers to you. Australian and NZ based food-vendors only currently. Delivery charges may apply.


  1. Are food-vendors able to accept customer-brought containers in Australia and NZ? 

Yes, but...

Currently, food vendors in Australia have the legal responsibility for the cleanliness of the container they put their takeaway food in, even if the container is brought in by their customer. Some food vendors may therefore not accept a customer brought container if they cannot control the hygiene of that container. 

To help food-vendors feel confident about accepting a retub, we:

a. made the inner container (which holds the food) out of glass for our premium For The Love of Earth range. Glass shows marks very easily, enabling food-vendors to make a quick visual assessment about the cleanliness of the vessel used; and

b. offer Reswap, which means the food-vendor can have total control over the cleanliness of the container that they put their food in.

It is important to us that we drive change in a responsible way and with regard to both consumers and food-vendors. This is why retub is not just a container and this is why a container exchange that focuses on hygiene is so vital. 


  1. Why glass and silicone? 

Glass and silicone are well known materials that are widely trusted for their safety with health.  Our products are dishwasher and microwave safe (see instructions). 


While some plastics are much better than others, many of our customers have told us that they do not want plastic touching their food due to reports of plastic chemical leaching. 


Similarly, cheap metal options can be just as dangerous. Aluminium is toxic to human bodies and can leach into food if anything acidic (like tomato or lemon juice) is used. Stainless steel comes in different grades and unless you are paying top dollar, chances are that lower grade stainless steel containers will corrode from salt and/or cause health issues. 

Also, metal is not microwave safe. 


  1. Why not just take an old container that I already have in to a food-vendor?

Please do!  Just know that: 

a. it is difficult to visually assess whether stained plastics are clean or not (so they may be more likely to be rejected);

b. old plastics may leach chemicals into food;

cmetal options can also be highly toxic (particularly cheap options!);

d. metal options cannot be microwaved if your takeaway goes cold; and

e. most containers do not protect your fingers from hot food,  

plus a whole lot of other reasons!

Also, pride generally stops people from taking other containers in. With retub's aesthetic appeal, the most discerning consumers feel proud to be doing their bit to reduce waste.


  1. How is retub different from other containers? 

Glad you asked!


a. can be reheated in the microwave without you burning your fingers!; 

b. protect your fingers when food contents are hot;

c. help keep food hot for longer; 

d. are built to last - the base provides protection from gentle bumps and knocks so you will get a longer life out of your glass container (if buying from the For The Love of Earth range)

e. have a detachable vent that doubles as an emergency food-scoop;

f. have internal measurement lines at commonly used volumes; 

g. reduce waste in up to 3 ways (replacing single-use containers, cutlery and bags);

h. acknowledge that the legal reality requires food-vendors to ensure the hygiene of the vessels they use for their takeaway food and provides a socially and legally responsible alternative to single-use. 

It is not trivial to mention that retubs are also stylish by design - it is highly important that our customers feel proud to be seen doing their bit to reduce waste. 

Plus retub staff are accessible, available and happy to assist in any way we can.


 Please note we would be able to deliver to the exact address and not any P.O box numbers.