About Us


Founder, Veronica Shannon

retub CEO and founder, Veronica Shannon, came up with the idea of creating retub when working in a busy office job in Melbourne, Australia.  

Despite having a reusable cup, water bottle and bags handy, each day, her personal rubbish bin was full of food packaging waste. She decided to do something about it and retub was born.

At its core, retub, and its built-in container exchange program called Reswap, acknowledges that life is busy and convenience is here to stay. 

We are proud to have been published as a Global Business For Good on AIM2Flourish.com. "At its heart, AIM2Flourish is a global learning initiative for the next leaders of companies to embrace values that help create the world we all want"

We are also proud to have won the 2019 Good Design Award for Design Excellence and to have been announced as a finalist for the 2019 Premier's Sustainability Award.